What’s the Score?

There’s excitement in the air before every match: great expectations, lots of hope, and some anxiety too. But above all confidence: “We’re going to make it!” Nobody plays to lose. After all, “Football’s not just about scoring goals – it’s about winning.” Just like so many other things in life. Or perhaps even life itself? It’s success that counts. Nobody lives to fail.

Is this the reason why we find football intriguing? It reveals so much about human nature, teaches many important lessons for life, and is a great inspiration for crowds of enthusiasts. Someone even came to the conclusion, “life is a game; football is life”.

Life is a game – football is life?

If life really is a game, have you ever asked yourself how you are playing? What training are you going through? Who else is on your team? Who are you playing against? And when the game is over, what will you expect the final score to be? Will you be on the winner’s side?
“Sure,” you might admit, “I haven’t always scored very well. There were some rather embarrassing misses, the occasional yellow card (nobody’s perfect anyway), and even a devastating own goal or two. So what? Life’s just a game. It’s all about having fun. Why worry about the outcome?”

Imagine a professional footballer with such an attitude. Obviously, he would be cheating himself. Football simply doesn’t work that way. Nor does life. A true football professional is highly motivated, knows what he’s aiming for and puts everything into achieving success. What motivates you then? It’s great to come and enjoy a match, have a good time with your mates, and get carried away by the thrill of the game. But the excitement soon wears off. What then? Back to the hum-drum of everyday life?

The potential of a great player

That’s where our thoughts must turn to God. He is our Creator and blessed us with many different abilities, and really wants each one of us to play on His team. However, we’ve all rejected Him as leader, following our own rules instead. You have the potential to be a great player. But playing on the wrong side with the wrong coach and captain, you’ll never have a chance to win. Why fight a losing battle? Why not come to a clear decision and acknowledge God as the only legitimate referee, sponsor, manager and coach in life’s game? He wants you on His team to give you the chance to live to the full. God says,
“I know the plans I have for you. They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

Anybody who rejects God as Lord and ignores His word will not only lose out in life, but will be lost forever. “Yes, they knew God, but they wouldn’t worship Him as God or even give Him thanks. And they began to think up foolish ideas of what God was like. The result was that their minds became dark and confused.”

Even though we’ve failed to show God the respect and honour He deserves, He hasn’t given up on us. What’s most amazing, He’s already paid the full price for our transfer!

Our go-between

God sent his own Son Jesus Christ to win us over onto His team, in other words to reunite us with Him. Jesus Christ was perfect, He always lived up to God’s standards, and yet He died a criminal’s death on a cross. Why? Jesus took the punishment we deserved because of all our offences against God. He is now our go-between so that we can have a relationship with God and be fully accepted on His winning team.

Sure about the final score

Do you want to be sure about the final score of your life? Then admit that you’ve rejected God’s leadership. Ask Him to forgive you. He is ready to welcome you on His team with open arms right now. Respond to the invitation of Jesus Christ. Let Him be your Saviour, Lord and Guide, and start living with a worthwhile purpose. He will coach you through this life, show you how to score, help you to cope with difficulties and setbacks, even encourage you when you fail. He will make your life an eternal success!

God desires to have you on His winning team. Will you accept His offer? Are you willing to say, “I’m deeply sorry for having played against you, Lord. I trust your word and thank you for accepting me.”

Therese Grimm