Celebrating Christmas

Celebrating Christmas

Baking cakes, writing Christmas cards, buying presents, forgetting nobody, buying special food, decorating homes, adorning Christmas trees and?… and?…

Christmas – the season of festivity, joy and love – has changed and causes much hustle and bustle today, swallowing up a lot of money, straining our nerves, and ever so often a harsh word shakes the peaceful surroundings. Why have we come to the point where many of us are relieved when the Christmas season is finally over and we are back to the routine of everyday life?

Could it be that, occupied with all the exchanging of gifts, party-going and debauchery, we have completely forgotten someone? Well, in fact in
all the turmoil of the festive season, the main person, the birthday child has been forgotten – Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was born in Bethlehem, laid in a crib unfitting for a prince. With His birth, heavenly life came to this earth. Jesus who brought real peace, He who Himself is love, the Saviour who never committed sin in all His life, He often is forgotten! Still, He loves everyone so much that he carried the sins of the whole world and took the punishment on Himself, dying a brutal death at the cross, so that everyone who believes in Him will not be lost, but will receive eternal life as a gift.

Jesus, who proclaims to be the light of the world is often not seen anymore, or overlooked in a sea of glittering light and decorations. However, the bright light of Jesus shows us our stand before God, shows us our life stained with sin and brings to light everything we try to hide, everything that separates us from God. He loves us! That is why He shows us our sins, so that we might realise the state we are in and leave our own wrong way and return to God.

Confess your sins and guilt to Jesus and unconditionally dedicate your whole life to Him. The unworthy crib of your life will be filled by God’s Spirit with new, eternal life. You will be celebrating Christmas in a new, very personal way.

I experienced this miracle some years ago, shortly before Christmas. I was given new life as a gift more precious than the most beautiful necklace of pearls or the most expensive wristwatch. I am still unpacking this undeserved present and receiving more and more from the gifts of God: love, joy, peace?…

Dear friend, Jesus has come into this world for you, too. It is for you He died at the cross. He loves you and is seeking you.

Come today and receive new life in Christ and you will start the New Year as a new person, in peace with God – or will you again celebrate Christmas without Jesus? Christopher Lüthi