Take One

Under this title 3 series of tracts are being published aiming to connect the general public with the good news of the gospel using simple, everyday language and an appealing design.

A team is responsible for content and publication of the two series. The choice of topics depends on the current need. The topic is dealt with briefly mainly aiming to point out Jesus to the reader and to encourage Bible reading.

It  is impossible to explain the process of conversion and regeneration in each of the tracts. For this reason a voucher is attached giving the reader the possibility to order more literature for further study.

Every year a new tract is produced for each of these three series and is published by «Distribution of Christian Literature» in Biel.

Take One – A message for you

Take One – Life 4 you (Especially for African readers)

Take One – Bible Based Teaching (Especially for African Christian leaders)

We encourage every Christian worker to study these papers seriously and to make your personal notes. We pray that God will richly bless you personally and also your ministry and church (more papers will follow).


Other Tracts