The founder, Fred Stettler

The founder, Fred Stettler (1902 to 1994)

The father of Fred Stettler worked for the national railway in the town of Biel, Switzerland. Fred was first trained in the making of cheese before he went to the United States of America. There he came to know Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. After attending a Bible School he and his wife – coming from Germany – served as missionaries among ethnic Germans in Poland.

Before the outbreak of World War II, they were forced to leave Poland and so they returned to Switzerland. From here they organized material support for the Germans who had fled Poland. Realizing that Christian literature in the Eastern countries was scarce, they founded this evangelical ministry to meet the urgent need.

As Fred Stettler got on in his years, the work expanded and gradually became too much for him. He was more and more supported by members of the branch «Eastern Europe» of the «Gemeinde für Christus».

By 1980, the «Gemeinde für Christus» took over full responsibility of the Institution. Ever since, Distribution of Christian Literature has been a branch of this church's ministry.

Fred Stettler who lived on the premises, was engaged in the work to the high age of 90. His eagerness and concern for the spreading of the good news about Jesus Christ was maintained to the very end of his life. He was taken to be with the Lord in 1994 among his caring family.

The founder, Fred Stettler