The beginnings

The beginnings

This evangelical ministry Distribution of Christian Literature was founded by Fred Stettier (1902–1994) and is based in Biel, Switzerland (see below).

Before the outbreak of World War II, the Stettler family was forced to leave their church work in Poland behind and return to Switzerland. From here they organized material support for the refugees and the war victims. Realizing that Christian literature in the Eastern countries was scarce, they founded this evangelical ministry around 1950, to meet the urgent need.

Fred Stettier selected many short stories with evangelistic content, which he got translated and published as tracts and booklets in about 18 languages. This extensive range of literature was not only distributed throughout Switzerland and Europe but at time went on was more and more shipped to different countries in Africa, where there was great demand.

As Fred Stettler got on in his years, the work expanded and became gradually too much for him. He was more and more supported by members of the branch Eastern Europe of the Gemeinde für Christus. By 1980, the Gemeinde für Christus took over full responsibility of the Institution. Ever since, Distribution of Christian Literature has been a branch of this church's ministry.

In the past years Distribution of Christian Literature has seen an immense expansion, especially in West African countries. To meet this growing need a missionary family has been stationed in Ghana since the year 2000. They co-ordinate the shipments of literature and keep in touch with the distributors.