One of the main objectives of Distribution of Christian Literature is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to people of different cultures, languages, social positions and religious backgrounds.

This ministry supports different Christian organisations, local ministries, private distributors and church leaders by supplying them with Bible based Christian literature for use in their individual programs.

It also aims to encourage people of any age group and from all walks of life to find out for themselves what faith in Jesus Christ is all about. For this reason Bible correspondence courses, suitable literature and New Testaments are offered for personal study. In this way Christian believers too, can learn to apply biblical principles in their daily lives.

By Publishing specific literature especially for Europe and African, this ministry helps to prepare church leaders as well as missionaries for their respective Service and encourages them in their responsibilities.

Distribution of Christian Literature is a ministry of faith. It is supported by voluntary donations and an annual financial contribution of the «Gemeinde für Christus».