Method of operation

Method of operation


Publication of a variety of evangelistic tracts and leaflets for distribution, in particular the series «Akzente fürs Leben» (German and French)

Attendance at fairs and exhibitions. By distributing Bibles, Christian literature and cassettes as well as in friendly conversation, interested visitors can learn about real faith in God.


We produce a selection of tracts in different languages for Christian workers and other distributors in the EC countries. Suitable for Germany and Austria is the «Akzente fürs Leben» series of tracts in German. Various other titles are available to support evanqelistic outreaches in countres like ltaly, France, Spain, etc. Shipment of Christian literature.

Africa, Latin America, etc.

Every year about 8 tons of literature in English and French are shipped to Arrica. Our missionary in Ghana is co-ordinating the work in different countries of West Africa. To other countries in Africa, Latin America, India, etc. tracts in many languages are being sent by public mail services.